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What does the theme mean?

As people of color, we’re not given a space to be soft—we’re categorized as aggressive and domineering by white people who refuse to understand the nuances of our feelings and struggles. We’re reduced to stereotypes—like the “angry Black woman” or the “loud Latina”as well as other stereotypes for Asian and Indigenous folks that are harmful and don’t allow the same grace that white people are given. being reduced to these stereotypes takes a toll on the psyche and views on ourselves, and it’s just unacceptable. Therefore, this issue is a call for vulnerability, going beneath what is on the surface, digging deep into what it means to be soft for you, how you feel when you’re gentle with yourself, what you wish to express is deep inside of you. reclaim your time, space, and self, and let yourself see yourself outside of what the white gaze puts on you. Please, please, please submit to this issue, we would love to have your pieces highlight what softness means to you and to encourage other women and non-binary people of color to express themselves in this way as well.


hope to read your pieces soon!

Love and light,

Valentine, Co-chair of flawless writes

What can I submit?

We accept artwork, photography, photo essays, articles, essays, playlists, comics, poetry and any other art form that is able to be printed.

Who can submit?

Submissions are open to self-identifying women and non-binary people of color worldwide. 

Where do I submit it?

Please send all submissions to You can include an artist statement if you want, but it is not required. 

Will I get feedback?

Yes! After submissions close, our content team will send out feedback on to submitted written work. You may have the chance to revise before sending in a final draft. 

I'm an ally/not a woman or non-binary person of color. How can I still be involved/help?

Share our poster around! Send it to other women of color you know! Share it on Facebook! 

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