What does the theme mean?

That's up to your interpretation——the bravery it takes to stand up for yourself, the bravery of immigrating to a new country, the bravery of living with anxiety. Take the theme in any direction you'd like. When we set a theme, it is meant to inspire you to create. 

What can I submit?

We accept artwork, photography, photo essays, articles, essays, playlists, comics, poetry and any other art form that is able to be printed.

Who can submit?

Submissions are open to self-identifying women of color worldwide. 

Where do I submit it?

Please send all submissions to You can include an artist statement if you want, but it is not required. 

Will I get feedback?

Yes! After submissions close, our content team will send out feedback on to submitted written work. You may have the chance to revise before sending in a final draft. 

I'm an ally/not a woman of color. How can I still be involved/help?

Share our poster around! Send it to other women of color you know! Share it on Facebook!