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The Flawless Brown Sisterhood is the core of the organization. It bringing all the departments together, uniting all of the members. While department works on their individual projects, Sisterhood is a place where the members come to relax, have fun, build skills, have deep and meaningful discussions, and strengthen friendships. The Sisterhood is rooted in solidarity, ensuring each members voice is heard and that they are always supported by their sisters in the organization. It is a place where members have the space to be vulnerable, to grow, to speak their minds and truths and to be unapologetically themselves. Flawless Brown also functions as a movement for change and stands with other movements fighting for justice and equality. 

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Flawless Sisterhood

*we ask that you only sign up if you self identify as a woman or nonbinary person of color!

Meet our Chair of SisterhooD

Jay Ayesha

contact Jay by emailing

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