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Flawless Pictures 

Flawless Brown Pictures is a TV & film production house that creates wide a range of different types of visual and media art. Flawless Pictures was co-founded in the spring of 2015 by Taylor Jett and Chemdiya Reed. Flawless Pictures has worked on a number of projects including a web series, spoken word videos, and short films.

Chair of Flawless Pictures - ZamZam Elmoge

contact ZamZam by emailing



An original spoken word piece by Pola Dobrzynski

Directed by Erin Burgess

Produced by Sydney Rae Chin

Cinematography by Lissa Deonarain

Starring: Pola Dobrzynski

get the fuck out of bed by seablanket

Directed by Larianny Perez

Produced by Natalie Torres

Cinematography by Rraine Hanson

Starring: Larianny Perez, Penélope de la Rosa and Juan Pablo Coral 

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