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Flawless Pictures 

Flawless Brown Pictures is a TV & film production house that creates wide a range of different types of visual and media art. Flawless Pictures was co-founded in the spring of 2015 by Taylor Jett and Chemdiya Reed. Flawless Pictures has worked on a number of projects including a web series, spoken word videos, and short films.

 Flawless Pictures is taking a break for spring 2021

If you are interested in working with flawless brown to get Flawless pictures up and running again please contact

Jalyn Cox, President of Flawless Brown

contact Jalyn by emailing



An original spoken word piece by Pola Dobrzynski

Directed by Erin Burgess

Produced by Sydney Rae Chin

Cinematography by Lissa Deonarain

Starring: Pola Dobrzynski

get the fuck out of bed by seablanket

Directed by Larianny Perez

Produced by Natalie Torres

Cinematography by Rraine Hanson

Starring: Larianny Perez, Penélope de la Rosa and Juan Pablo Coral