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Trip to the Gardens

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by the number of coincidences I come across.

Is this a coincidence? Is this a sign? Do I really know this means something or do I want it to mean something?

I picked the theme to Flawless Mag in the middle of summer with less than the vaguest of thoughts about my own family’s personal history. I picked it because I love anything about claiming your own identity, and I wanted to push myself to answer the question of what my identity means to me knowing very little about my ancestry. Throughout this period from then to now, I find the theme following me in my daily experiences in ways I wouldn’t even suspect. Everytime these themes come out I see them as almost signs for me to pay attention, reflect, and appreciate those moments.

This weekend I went to the Fenway Victory Gardens, and I met a man who has his garden within the garden. I felt his excitement from the mere fact that my friends and I were asking questions about the history of his garden, what it is he does, and why he does it. He took us to the botanical herb garden that had more plants growing amongst each other, sharing the same soil, than I thought possible.

Once he saw that I was interested in the herbs, he began to cut pieces so I could try to guess which herb was what. Eventually he began to move throughout the garden cutting stems of each herb for me. He told me that when I got home I should cut the ends and then place them in water. Roots will grow, and eventually, I can plant them in soil for myself.

As I watch these plants begin to grow roots, I will be reminded that even within separation of your roots, new ones can continue to grow and flourish. Uprooting is just an opportunity to continue to build off of what has already helped you grow. Even when you’ve lost contact with your roots, new ones will emerge to continue your progression.

They serve as a funny coincidence...or maybe a sign…

Either way - here I am watching and observing my plants grow their very own roots.

Photos 1 and 2 Taken by Chloe Leung and Edited by Jalyn Cox.

Photo 3 Taken by Jalyn Cox and Edited by Jalyn Cox.

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