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what if

what if i took a shot in the dark

and asked if you would like

to fall in love?

what if we arranged to sit side by side

under a pastel skyline,

and i tell you that the colors remind me

of the Trix yogurt i used to eat when i was a kid.

what if you then tell me about

how you used to love them too when you were younger.

and as we speak our childhood back into existence,

what if we stop for a moment of silence

for the warmth growing inside of our chests,

because this time, nostalgia brought us healing

instead of pain.

what if you smile a smile so radiant,

that i question how i ever survived a lifetime without it,

and i begin to wonder if i could ever go another day without it.

what if i curled up within those dimples i love so damn much,

and let them fold over me

like a fresh batch of homemade vanilla-scented dough,

and caress me with a sense of safety and joy and home...

...and what if you feel the same way too.

what if you traveled across the globe,

to every continent,

stood before the 7 wonders of the world,

and realized that i am the 8th,

a hidden treasure for only you to behold.

what if you’ve seen it all

and could go anywhere

and decide that my eyes are where you’d like to stay.

what if our hearts combined to glow brighter

than a field of strawberries in Heaven’s garden.

what if our souls dripped sweeter

than honey laced with freshly spun gold.

what if we could just create the happiness

everyone’s been destroying the Earth to find.

would Aphrodite bow her head in defeat

if we were to fall in love?


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