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Reflections on Flawless

As 2019 draws to a close, and I work through my final year of undergrad, I realize that I've been with Flawless for a very long time. Since I personally took a year off from school, all of the people I met through Flawless in my first year have now graduated and/or are working elsewhere towards their great futures, and a whole new vanguard of amazing women of color have arrived at Emerson to continue the legacy of this amazing org. I've been really fortunate to work on so many cover photoshoots through Flawless Mag/Flawless Writes, and I wanted to take the time to look back on my own personal growth as a photographer by looking at my very first Flawless Mag photoshoot and my most recent one. Since my first time participating in Flawless Writes was for the second-ever issue of Flawless Mag, my history of cover photoshoots parallels Flawless Mag’s journey as well.

Flawless Mag, Issue 2, The Comfort Issue

Flawless Mag, Issue 8, The Futurism Issue

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