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Self-Care While Living on Campus

Living on campus can really take a toll on someone. You’re forced to go from the comfort of your own home that you’re used to, to a completely different environment. Between roommates, suitemates, and shared bathrooms, there can hardly be any alone time. Your routine can be completely shifted or even become non-existent within a few months which can really put you in disarray. Many people have different forms of self-care that help them after a tough day or week. But how do you do that while on campus and busy with work, class, clubs, and friends? Here are four things that you can easily do on campus to take care of yourself:

Skin Care

Face masks went from tedious tasks to cute things that you could do on a random night with friends. Good skin can be an instant boost for many as it helps to increase their confidence and moods. No one likes to be stressed; not only does it dull your spirit and increase your temper but it can also cause breakouts. So, when that happens on a night when you’re just so over homework, classes, and people pull out a face mask and plaster it on. While your skin is getting refreshed and cleansed put on some music to dance around to and I promise you’ll feel and see a positive result.


Something that I feel always relieves anxiety and tension is journaling. Even if it’s just a simple description of my day or a new artist that I’m obsessing over or why I’m feeling sad. Despite sounding easy and effortless, journaling can be a lot. I try and journal at least once every two weeks, though it unfortunately sometimes ends up being once every month. It allows me to clear up my mind and work through any prying and troublesome thoughts and put them into words.

Staying In

In college, many suffer from feeling left out or thinking they need to go out every single weekend. And though I, too, sometimes suffer from these thoughts, I like knowing that the option to stay home is always there. Everyone should take a Friday or Saturday to themselves while their roommate is out and just put on lazy clothes and turn on a movie or binge a show. Dim the lights, and just take time with your own company. There will be countless parties and times to go out while in college, so it never hurts to just stay home and take it easy for a night.

Staying Connected With Home

Being in college can have a lot of effect on the way someone sees themselves. They feel like they’re 18 now - adults - and can make all their own decisions without the need of parents and family. I think that it’s important to keep in touch with someone who you can associate with home. Whether it’s your mom, dad, siblings, grandma, or just a friend from home - keep them on call. It’s good to just have a conversation with someone who isn’t going through probably the same daily college routine as you. Feeling like grown can be great, but it also feels good to know that you always have someone or somewhere to go home to.

Self-care is much more than taking care of your skin or taking a bath in an unnecessarily big lush bath bomb. Self-care can be anything that benefits you or your day for the better. Whether that does happen to be an excessive skincare night-time routine, buying a new sweater, writing about your day, going for a walk, reading a book, or just taking a nap. College isn’t always just good and enjoyable times, sometimes it can truly become too much too handle and I hope when it gets like that, everyone takes care of themselves and their bodies.

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