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No More

You can huff

And puff

Try to blow this house down

I dare you

I have let so many too close to these walls

They repainted them like they were theirs

They echoed in the halls like their voices were the only

They ruffled up these silk sheets like they were cheap

No more


I have decided

No more

Boys who dazzle me with beautiful music and heavy eyes

Boys dressed in the clothing of men, like costumes

Boys who have never loved and never will

This castle is only big enough for one

It has seen too much

And it still stands


I have decided

No more

Opening the door for strangers

Answering unknown calls

Waiting out these lonely nights for spoiled princes

who have never been taught a thing about love

To them it is foreign

Like spices from the East

Add a little to your food,

but not too much

No more

I have decided

I am not here to spice up your life, boy

I have given mine, humbly, to you

And you have sprinkled it on your plate of privilege and gold

Like pepper

No more

These castle walls are sealed shut

For I have found a queen

And may she be happy


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