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Tonight America

Tonight America is a cat-caller,

lurking in the dark,

gaze slanting in my direction,

stealing ownership of my body

with vicious words.

Tonight America is a lover

who pulls me closer and

whispers dreams in my ear,

then slams doors,

smashes plates,

tells me I’m worthless.

Tonight America is a bully,

calling names,

throwing punches,

making me feel small,

leaving my skin bruised,

my heart tender.

Tonight America is a white man,

taking up too much room,

talking too loudly.

Tonight America does not love me,

does not love my skin,

does not love my femininity,

does not love my love.

I know someday America will be a friend,

a callused hand to hold,

a scarred smile.

Someday America will be a sunrise

after a cold and heartless night.

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