Flawless Brown: Los Angeles is the Los Angeles, CA extension of Flawless Brown. Also created and founded by Nyla Wissa, Flawless Brown LA is an artist collect for women of color which focuses on the performing arts. The current members of Flawless Brown LA are all Emerson College alumni who are living and workin in Los Angeles. 


To contact Flawless Brown LA, please

email: losangeles@flawlessbrown.com

Interested in joining Flawless Brown: Los Angeles, please email: flawlessbrownla@gmail.com


Nyla Wissa

Nyla Wissa is the creator and founder of Flawless Brown, and Flawless Brown: LA. She graduated from Emerson College in May, with a degree in Theater Education: Acting. After graduating, she moved to Los Angeles to create content and opportunities for artists of color in mainstream media. If Nyla isn’t writing, protesting, dancing, working, or reading she’s most likely at the drive-through Popeye’s or the Taco truck down the street from her house. She’s a Birkenstock girl who constantly listens to Trap.

Taylor Bennett

Taylor Bennett is a recent Theatre Studies: Acting graduate of Emerson College. She is currently doing freelance production work with the hopes of working in film and television. Performing is her first love and she wants to use that to inspire people through human connection and discussing issues that really matter. She also loves Pinot Noir and cupcakes.

Kelshé Woodard

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Kelshé fell in love with music, live entertainment and film at an early age. She received her bachelors degree from Emerson College in the fall of 2014 and currently resides in Los Angeles where she works for Warner Bros. Records and iHeartMedia. She enjoys traveling, dancing and is committed to introducing entertainment careers to younger women of color.

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